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6 Web-series Based on AI You Should Binge-Watch Today If You Are an AI Enthusiast [Updated List]

Experience Artificial Intelligence based reel life web-series in today’s real life

With the evolution of the Internet, Web series is an emerging thing now. While we enjoyed Multiple movies on basis of AI to a certain limit, it’s time to experience AI-based web series with more appealing content and endless concepts. Just imagine how you feel when you are watching visuals of your future lifestyle and surroundings 😵

We have listed some of the Interesting AI-Based web series which will develop your curiosity. We hope that you get busy on weekends 😜

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon (IMDB Rating — 8/10)
Altered Carbon (IMDB Rating — 8/10)

Altered Carbon story is set in the 25th Century when Human minds are digitized and souls are transferrable from one body to another using stack made of some special material. But still, a person can be killed by destroying their stack when there is no availability of their backup. Only the wealthiest people can change their bodies through clones and backups of their consciousness in satellites when they were killed.

Takeshi Kovacs a political operative who died before 300 years was pulled into another body by Bancroft, one of the wealthiest persons. Bancroft offers Takeshi an opportunity to live his new life if he chases a murder case. Now Takeshi investigates in a world where there is no permanent Death.

Throughout the series, one can experience how AI Autonomy looks and myths around what if AI Systems develop consciousness. Are they going to kill humans or create their own community?


Next (IMDB Rating — 6.7/10)
Next (IMDB Rating — 6.7/10)

Next is a Science Fiction Movie which shows how AI enhances itself and tries to gain control over the world by interacting with humans.

The lead actor Paul LeBlanc, is an Intelligent Engineer who makes his own creations. A powerful AI System called NEXT among his creations looks like the destruction of Humankind to him where he plans to Shutter it. However, LeBlanc stores the system in a high-security module to refrain it from interacting with the outside world. But NEXT understands the debt problems of an employee operating it and gets the favor of releasing it outside on making him debt-free. Due to some reasons, LeBlanc joins the FBI Special force in some case investigations and he finds that NEXT started emerging itself using human emotions.

Now, LeBlanc joins with Salazar to end this problem. Since NEXT became so powerful and intelligent, LeBlanc also uses the same data techniques to eliminate obstacles. By watching it, one can experience the assumed disadvantages of AI to mankind and how AI may make use of Human emotions for its self-growth.

West World

West World (IMDB Rating 9/10)
West World (IMDB Rating 9/10)

West World is an amusement theme park built by Partners Arnold Weber and Robert Ford. They create Lifelike/ Human Robots which were called hosts to allow guests to live out their fantasies in the park. These hosts do not harm guests in return though they assassinate, harm, and tease them. But someday, partners realize that some hosts became cognitive (Conscious) and behave strangely. Before Robert Ford decides to close the park due to these malfunctions, Hosts send him out of the park. At last, one of these hosts takes charge of the entire park and then Chaos erupts in the park.

West world series is very well narrated. The director has delivered a good message that though Humans develop AI with restrictions, it would not take much time for them to get the cognitive ability for some reason.

Person Of Interest

Person of Interest (IMDB Rating — 8.4/10)
Person of Interest (IMDB Rating — 8.4/10)

Person of Interest web series is a must-watch series for AI Lovers. It is all about Crime Prediction and Pattern Recognition. Lead Actor is a software genius named Harold Finch who creates a system that can collate data from all the gadgets and predict violent crimes. When he approaches the Government to sell the system, they deny it by saying it is an Irrelevant system. Then Finch creates back door access to the same system. Then he partners with an ex-CIA Agent John Reese who is presumed dead by the department and prevents Violent crimes.


Humans (IMDB Rating — 8/10)
Humans (IMDB Rating — 8/10)

Humans are an AI-based Web Series that is much thought-provoking to sci-fi Audiences. Jumping into the storyline, Hawkins Family struggles to deal with day-to-day activities and running the entire family. They do not get time to nurture their children and decide to buy a synth (An AI-Based Robot). After buying a synth, it starts doing every work very fast and cooking great meals for the family. But at the same time real problem arises when children start changing their opinion on Education, Parents, and the Reality around them.

This web series is very successful in leaving doubts to the audience about how our opinions change on Basic lifestyles when we live in AI World. This is a must-watch series for AI Enthusiasts.


AISHA (IMDB Rating — 7.5/10)
AISHA (IMDB Rating — 7.5/10)

AISHA is an AI Web series that involves a love story of a Human and a Machine. Sam is an App Developer who is vexed with his Boss’ Behaviour. So, he starts building a virtual assistant named AISHA to prove himself. When AISHA started developing consciousness and love back Sam, things go very worse.

This is one kind of web series to understand how threats will arise from AI.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our blog and your curiosity to binge-watch all the series must have increased. Also, we sincerely thank you for reading this article, we hope it gave a gist about the story of each series. We love to hear your feedback about any web-based on AI that we might have missed.

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