6 Movies Based on AI You Should Binge-Watch Today If You Are an AI Enthusiast [Updated List]

Watching Sci-fi movies in our childhood was so much fun and captivating, never thought this would come into reality in this 21st century. At that time the directors were successful in turning their thoughts into reels, and now we are extremely delighted to watch it turning into reality. Here are a few movies that were released a long time ago and now we are able to see how Artificial intelligence has brought those concepts into practice.

We have listed down a few must-watch movies that are a visual treat in Artificial Intelligence with a short summary. Hope you like it, enjoy reading and binge-watching 🎬😎🍿


Her (IMDB Rating — 8/10)
Her (IMDB Rating — 8/10)

The movie is about a man (Theodore) who falls in love with the artificially intelligent operating system of his computer. The female voice (portrayed beautifully by Scarlett Johnson) gives herself the name ‘Samantha’ and Samantha starts organizing Theo’s files, making him laugh and developing something like human consciousness. Soon she became an important part of his daily routine like a friend and an assistant who keeps reminding him about his daily chores and sharing his emotions as well. The beauty of the movie is that just the voice creates an impact on humans which never lets the person feel lonely.

One of the most compelling aspects of Samantha is that she behaves in an utterly human-like manner, with a true sense of what is humorous and sad. Samantha’s powers of perception in respect of voice recognition on natural language assistance are impressive. She is able to recognize Theodore’s speech flawlessly.

Throughout the movie, while never attempting the sweep of satire, Jonze drops funny hints about how the existence of artificial intelligence in human society might affect that society.


Transcendence (IMDB Rating — 6.2/10)
Transcendence (IMDB Rating — 6.2/10)

Transcendence is a serious science fiction movie which is about a brilliant researcher Dr. Will Caster (portrayed by Johnny Depp) researching how the nature of sapience can be added to artificial intelligence. He devised a Physically Independent Neural Network (PINN) where he managed to upload the brain of a rhesus monkey.

Dr. Will wants to create a computer that is a combination of the intelligence of entire humanity and can exactly act like a human. His wife Evelyn(Rebecca Hall) and his friend Max (Paul Bettany) both are intelligent scientists who were also involved in his research. Evelyn’s dream is to create a world free of diseases using science and cure the planet.

Dr. Will and his team perform an experiment in uploading a human mind to a computer which was then linked with the internet resulting in the more advanced version of the computer.

The movie shows the use of Computer Vision to sense the environment and detect faces. The capability of emotion detection is impressive. Brain Imaging is also highlighted in the film to identify whether a person is lying.

Dr. Will develops groundbreaking technology in Medicine, Energy, Biology, and nanotechnology. It can even rebuild human cells to heal injuries and illnesses. Apparently, Will’s ultra evolved consciousness has been blinded by science. His thirst for knowledge becomes an unquenchable need for power. He begins amassing an army of human/machine hybrid and inexplicably develops superpowers. The system went too far when showing the ability to control people’s minds which is considered to be dangerous.

Overall the movie is successful in showing the power of artificial intelligence.

Wall. E

Wall. E(IMDB Rating — 8.4/10)
Wall. E(IMDB Rating — 8.4/10)

The movie is based on the Artificially intelligent Robots WALL-E (Waste allocation Load lifter- Earth class) and EVE ( Extraterritorial vegetation evaluator ).

Wall-e is a waste disposal robot left on earth in the 29th century when the earth turned into a garbage-strewn wasteland. Wall-e was programmed to perform his daily task of collecting, compressing, and stacking the garbage but also developed into a personality with hobbies. Wall-e works on the solar system whenever it gets discharged the next day it starts again with his task.

Wall-e has kept his special findings at his favorite place.

The interest starts when Wall-e finds a living plant sampling and his program sends a signal to the Axiom. Axiom is a spaceship where the remaining humans are entirely surrounded by the digital world. They are served with drinks brought by the robots they even change their clothes immediately when a new style comes in. In short, human is turned into robots and Lazier.

Axiom sends a spaceship to earth to find the existence of sampling and bring it to the mothership. Eve was given the task to find and bring the sampling. Eve lands on earth and meets Wall-e. It’s interesting to watch the interaction between two robots Wall-e and Eve full of humankind of behavior that in reality is far away to achieve. Wall-e was smitten by the sleek Eve and the otherworldly robot. Wall-e shows his findings to Eve which results in the return of Eve with the plant and Wall-e clinging to the starliner Axiom. During an inspection of Eve’s compartment at the mothership, the plant was missing and both Eve and Wall-e were thrown down along with the trash of the ship consisting of the plant. During this Wall-e electric circuit was damaged and he lost all his memories. Here human behavior in Artificially intelligent robots is highlighted by kissing Eve to Wall-e bringing back his memories. Wall-e and Eve reunite as the inhabitants of the Axiom and these robots turn the ravaged planet into a paradise resulting in the growth of a plant into a mighty tree.

Ex- Machina

Ex- Machina(IMDB Rating — 7.7/10)
Ex- Machina(IMDB Rating — 7.7/10)

Ex- Machina is a film about a robot who wants to be human It is a pessimistic story along with a warning of how difficult it is to successfully control the strategizing artificial intelligence to know what it would do if free. Ex Machina is a visually polished work inclined more towards ideas than effects. Ava (portrayed by Alicia Vikander) is an artificially intelligent robot who makes a conscious person feel that Ava has consciousness. It is a robotic body with a human-like face, hands, and feet.

The story of the movie starts with a programmer Caleb Smith who wins an office contest and receives a one-week visit to the luxurious home of the CEO (Nathan Bateman). Nathan performs a Turing test on Ava with Caleb to check whether Ava can successfully manipulate Caleb and she does it all beautifully and Caleb starts believing her completely. Ava wants to get out of the house by manipulating Caleb so that he can help to distract Nathan during this process. Ava has pretended to like Caleb so he will help her to escape.

Nathan also owns an android robot Kyoko which will also help Eva in this process. Finally, Ava escapes and arrives in an unknown city where she blends in-crowd.

2001 A Space Odyssey

2001 A Space Odyssey(IMDB Rating — 8.3/10)
2001 A Space Odyssey(IMDB Rating — 8.3/10)

This movie is an epic drama of adventure and exploration, the predictions made in this movie have turned into reality through the use of tablets, video calling, and artificial intelligence. The movie starts from the era of apes where a rectangular device called a monolith brings a kind of intelligence to the apes and the same monolith is shown in 2001 when astronauts are shown to touch it in the same way Apes did. As they examine the monolith, it is struck by sunlight which emits high-powered radio signals.

Artificial intelligence is shown in the form of HAL a computer with a human personality in a US spaceship that is bound for Jupiter. Most of the operations are controlled by the HAL even opening the doors. Bowman and Poole are the scientists who interact with Hal. A conversation between HAL and Bowman is interrupted when HAL reports an imminent failure of the antenna control device but after evaluation, there was nothing wrong as the problem was with the HAL which was informed to Bowman from mission control. HAL was able to hear the conversation between both the scientist so they decided to discuss it in the EVA pod where HAL cannot overhear them but they were not aware of the intelligence of HAL who can read their lips and learned that they are planning to disconnect HAL.

When Poole was out of the spaceship to fix the antenna, HAL takes over the control of his pod, severs Poole’s oxygen hose, and sets him adrift. Bowman goes and brings back Poole’s but HAL refuses to open the door which makes Bowman use the manual door and enter the ship to proceed to HAL’s processor core in order to disconnect HAL’s circuit. When the disconnection is complete a pre-recorded video plays revealing that the mission’s objective is to investigate the radio signal sent from the monolith to Jupiter.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence(IMDB Rating — 7.2/10)
Artificial Intelligence(IMDB Rating — 7.2/10)

In the 22nd century due to global warming, the sea levels got increased and the city coastline got wiped reducing the world’s population. Mecha a humanoid robot was created that looks like a human and is capable of complex thoughts but lacks emotions. An advanced robot (David) a child robot( a boy) is created who is trained to love unconditionally to the person who reads a code in front of him, and this robot was handed over to Henry Swinton and his wife Monica, whose son has been spared in suspended animation as he has contracted a rare disease.

Henry explains all about David to Monica and tells her to say the code in front of David when she meets but she does that after some time when she starts to care for David like his child.

David now started loving her unconditionally and soon became a part of their life. Monica prefers to tell him stories like The Adventures of Pinocchio where a blue fairy turns a robot into a real boy. Martin (son of Monica) was unexpectedly cured and brought home back where he met David and felt jealous of him and asked him to do some worrisome acts like cutting the locks of Monica’s hair. Monica and Henry decided to send David back to the creators so that they can destroy him and while taking him back Monica left David in a forest alone even after David insisted on her a lot. David now was looking for a blue fairy who can turn him into a real human so that he can return to his Mom. In this, he returned back to his creator where he saw many robots like him which made him feel like losing his identity, and thus he decided to commit suicide.

When he jumped into the water he saw a blue fairy which was actually a statue. He started saying to the fairy hundreds of times to make him real until his battery drained completely.

After 2000 years when there was no human left and only the robots exist, they reached David and after looking at him they felt strange, from David’s memory they came to know everything about David. After David’s insistence, they agreed to recreate Kinston’s family home and Monica through genetic material from the strand of hair. It was just for one day and this process can not be repeated. David spends the happiest day of his life and at night David and his Mom fall asleep and went to the place where dreams are born.

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