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Why settle for average when you have the option to get the best? We are a global tech community that believes in providing continuous peer and mentor support that ultimately leads to collaboration to foster learning, job referrals, and networking.


Updated with Technologies

Rise & shine! With IT jobs in demand, there is no reason why you should miss a chance to shift to a data-driven industry. We keep our community filled with the latest technologies and help you take a leap in your career graph.

Global Community

Join a community of like-minded and highly skilled professionals to make the best use of peer-to-peer(cohort-based) learning. Even if you’re new, you will gain something valuable from here!

Upskill yourself

Join the bandwagon and cruise to the next level in your career with a tailor-made roadmap for your upskilling journey. This community will feel like your own data home, from customizing your resume to updating the latest technology!

Continuous Support

With the constant and right kind of support from our pool of experts, you will never experience an absence of direction. We are here to mentor, guide, and be your well-wisher for your career jump!

Job referrals

Are you looking to uplift your career? Then, we will handhold you to a better career prospect by producing referrals, preparing you for a job through our best-in-class career grooming services (resume preparation, mock interview, passing job referrals). All this ensures boost your chance to flourish in this industry.

Constant collaboration

A community is where ideas are exchanged. But, we go above and beyond for collaborations to offer unmatched reward-based learning in the data science industry. We will work together to achieve goals together!

What do we offer?

We believe in adopting and adapting approaches to deliver the most advanced technologies expected to sweep the corporate and job scenario off its feet. Our courses are customized to suit the requirements of the learners and the industry. Through innovative live-project-based learning and 1-1 mentoring, we ensure that you are prepared to perform the best in the market.

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Live Project Based Learning

Get hands-on experience in the data science industry through live projects. You get a chance to explore your skills and deepen your learning. We prepare you to face real-life project challenges by including unique and industry-standard capstone projects in the course curriculum.
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1-1 Mentoring

We offer customized 1-1 mentoring based on your background, goals, and pace. We ensure to match you with a mentor that suits your style and meets your expectations, ensuring you achieve your goals on time!
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Career Counselling

Receive guidance and support from experts, and make the wisest decisions for your career. Our counseling will help you know about the various career options apt for your skills and experience. It will enable you to make a calculated decision that will provide you with a rewarding career.
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Profile Building

Our experts will create an impressive LinkedIn profile and resume that will grab the attention of companies who are looking to hire someone having similar skills and experience as you. With such a compelling profile, getting your dream job will be much faster and easier.

Community Presence

Join our global peer group of highly experienced and versatile professionals and indulge in a culture of exchanging meaningful conversations, ideas, lessons, approaches, and standards. Learn what’s new and in-trend in different parts of the globe, and upskill yourself to match the international standards and industry demands. Co-learn, Co-invent, Co-exist!



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Live Data Science Projects

testimonial background


Don’t just take our words. Hear the journey of our developers with us. And embraks, on yours!



“I benefited a lot from Co-learning Lounge’s one-on-one discussions on resume review and career. Thanks to them, my profile caught the attention of top companies and helped me bag the Data Science position I aspired for.”



“Being from a non-tech background, moving to Data science is a lot more challenging. However, the CLL was beneficial and provided the real-time project experience and business knowledge I needed to grab a Data Analytics role.”



“I joined the CLL to get expertise in the NLP area despite having 10+ experience as a data engineer. Their comprehensive course helped me hone my NLP skills. I am delighted with the efforts put in by the mentors. Today, I am one of their key mentors taking an End to End AWS with Data Science course.”



“To get real-time experience, I enrolled for CLL after my PGP certification in Data Science. I was impressed by how the community kept its promise to let its top performers join as assistant mentors or content creators. It helps in learning and earning both. 🤩”



“I joined CLL to gain mastery in Kaggle’s problem-solving. I am thankful that it helped me move to Data Science and grateful to the mentors for showing me how important building a network using LinkedIn and Community are.”



“The CLL’s one-on-one mentoring style helped me understand and master Python and Machine Learning skills. I was lucky to team up with them since I could not get the skills despite joining various high price MOOCs.”



“As a mentor at CLL, I admire how students there are dealing with problems and solutions closer to real-life situations. I loved how they don’t spoon-feed you but make you do the work independently and in the team.”



“Thanks to the CLL for giving me the experience of working on a live IPL project. It was great to build the Dream-11 fantasy team using the ML and statistical methods I learned at CLL and data processing and analysis. I was also lucky to interact with’s core DS team and other renowned Cricket Analysts.”



“Having experience in Applied NLP, I have mentored Udacity, Udemy, UpGrad, etc. But, at the CLL, I loved how they pay close attention to each NLP student and how the community continues its support even after the course.”



“Before joining the CLL, I didn’t believe much in tech communities. But after attending their workshop in Hyderabad and seeing their innovative methods, my opinion changed. Today thanks to them, I am the head of NLP in a growing startup.”



“I have always been a part of many communities. About CLL, I am happy how they help students aspiring for a career in Data Science with different content like blogs, podcasts, courses, and more. I felt honored to speak at their podcast. Listen to them on Spotify and the Apple podcast.”

Live Projects

We have derived and designed these live projects from real-industry challenges to learn from rookies to rockstars.

Conversational AI
2 month ago

Build and Deploy AI-Based virtual assistant with Rasa

Rasa is one of the top open-source bot frameworks to build contextual AI assistants. It’s all about building an intelligent restaurant bot from scratch till deployment. It also includes integrating the bot with various platforms.

Cricket Analytics
1 month ago

IPL Dream 11 team selection using Data Science

IPL Live project is built using historical data and tested on ongoing IPL matches. Based on different aspects of cricket analytics, one can create a state-based model to predict the best team for each Dream 11 match.

/images/project_achievements/Digital Marketing.png
Digital Marketing

Improve complete digital marketing with advanced data analytics and predictive modelling

In this project, raw social media data is collected from our channels, website, and platforms. End-to-end Data Science is performed through Data collection, cleaning and transformation (ETL), BI, and predictive modelling and deployment. The candidate will solve real business challenges using AI, which most companies face on a day-to-day basis.




We provide hands-on workshops on real-world projects that will hone your skills and make you industry-ready. These projects have been carefully hand-picked for you, and you can work on them along with experienced community members who will provide their valuable insights. The workshop is apt for you regardless of whether you are from a tech or non-tech background.

Talk Shows

Participate in one-on-one live interactive sessions with top industry experts to discuss topics that matter and learn from their experience and knowledge. We will also have Q&A sessions at the end to clear all your doubts and ensure you get what you are looking for.


You can learn and enhance your skills with the help of seasoned experts from all around the globe with years of diverse industry experience. So take part in the discussions, ask relevant questions, learn the latest trends in industries the world over, and polish your skills per the current industry demands.


Other tech communities only talk about learning but do not show the practical application of AI or ML technologies to solve real-world problems. Our podcast series bridges the gap between learning something academically and doing it (at work). Through our podcast series, you will know about a company’s inception, developer stories, inside stories on projects, current hiring scenarios, and even the process of hiring.

Want to Join Our Community ?

Give your career the boost it deserves. Take the following proactive step now, and contact us to be a part of our community. Not just that, if you are an expert in the data science field, then this community will reward you immensely for your contribution like no other!

Brand Collaboration

We have worked with esteemed companies like WiDS Hyderabad, HydPy, NeuralSpace, Packt, and The European Chatbot.

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