CELPIP Speaking Task 1 - Advice to Friend Finding the Perfect Summer Job (Free Test)

Giving Advice - Help someone to either make a decision or prepare for something.


A friend is looking for a summer job. Advise him about different ways he can find work for the summer.

Networking - Reach out to friends, family, or acquaintances with job market connections. Join industry-specific forums or groups.
Explore Jobs Online - Online job platforms and company websites.
Local Community Resources - Job fairs, or employment agencies.
Craft a Strong Online Presence - Professional platforms like LinkedIn, highlight skills and experiences.
Explore Career Services by School - They often provide guidance on job searches, resume building, and even host career events.
Network with Alumni - Connect with alumni from your school or university who are working in your field of interest.
Seek Internship Opportunities - As they don't demand prior experience.
Expand Your Skill Set - Acquire new relevant skills (hard and soft skills) or enhance existing ones. Participate in workshops or webinars related to field of interest.
Customize Applications - Tailor resumes and cover letters for each application. Highlight specific skills and experiences as per the job.
Practice Interview Skills - Prepare for interviews - practicing common questions and refining responses. To boost confidence.
Stay Persistent and Positive - Maintain a positive mindset as rejections are a part of the process.
Explore Freelance or Gig Opportunities - If traditional employment is challenging to find, these can provide valuable experience and flexibility.
Explore Temporary or Seasonal Positions - These can be stepping stones to more permanent roles.
Others - Create professional email address, Create personal website or porfolio, Setup a job alerts, Follow up on applications, Practice professionalism on Social Media,

Response 1:

Hey there! I heard you're on the lookout for a summer job. Congratulations on taking the initiative! Considering your quest, here are a few suggestions that might steer you in the right direction.

Firstly, if I were you, it would be wise to think about networking. Reach out to friends, family, or even acquaintances who might have leads or connections in the job market. Networking can open doors you might not have considered, providing valuable insights and potential opportunities.