Writing Task - Part 2 Template

Use this template (along with advanced grammar and vocabulary) to score CLB 9 or more.


I am writing to provide my response to the survey regarding the ... . After careful consideration, I have made the decision to opt for [Option - Paraphrased]

I am writing to express my support for Option A/B:

The discussion of [1-2 words of Main Topic] is undoubtedly one that begs the question of exactly _________. In my opinion, due to the __[Reason]__, supporting __[Your Opinion]__ will be the most apropos choice.


One clear fact is that ______. Take, for instance, ______. To illustrate further, _____. Hence _____. 

Nevertheless, ________. This can be understood when considering _______; therefore, ______.

Overall, I still opine that ____. Another reason stems from the fact that ______. Nonetheless, ________.

This approach would also enable [me/us] to ...

While [...] , [...]

While it is true that...

While acknowledging the value of the ... , I believe that the potential ... benefits ...

If ....

.... not only, .... but also

Given the inconvenience caused by the ...

In my opinion ... as ...

I would like to place on record that I am strongly in favour of ...

I believe that the potential benefits of the ..... outweigh the ...

To strengthen the stand:

  • Adjectives: 
    • firmly, compelling, persuasive, convincing, demonstrably superior, advantageous, beneficial, effective, efficient, practical, well-suited, well-founded, robust, undeniable, irrefutable.
    • viable, alternative, feasible, potential, plausible, conceivable.
  • Adverbs: clearly, demonstrably, undoubtedly, unquestionably, evidently, undeniably, irrefutably, definitively.
  • Phrases: 
    • It is obvious that..., There is no doubt that..., A compelling argument can be made for..., The evidence clearly suggests..., The most effective course of action would be..., The most advantageous option is..., It is demonstrably superior to...
    • While there is an alternative option, it is important to consider..., One might argue that..., It is acknowledged that..., Admittedly, there are merits to the other option as well, however...
  • Idioms:
    • Hands down (clearly the best option)
    • The clear winner (strongly favoring your option)
    • Leave no room for doubt (strongly supporting your argument)
    • A no-brainer (a clear and easy choice)
    • Leave no room for argument (emphasizes the strength and clarity of your argument, making it difficult to disagree)
    • The best of both worlds (your chosen option combines the positive aspects of both options, offering a superior solution)
    • Can't go wrong with (expresses strong confidence in your chosen option, highlighting its reliability and positive outcome)

Closing Salutation:

To conclude, both sides present strong arguments. However, ____[Rephrase your opinion here]___ should _____.

Thank you for considering my perspective, and I trust that the [entity/org] will carefully weigh ....  in making this important decision.

I appreciate the opportunity [to share my perspective/express my preference] on this matter and trust that the collective input from [.....] will contribute to a thoughtful and informed decision-making process.