CELPIP Reading Part 4: Reading for Viewpoints - How to Crack?

What are Viewpoints?

To determine the "viewpoint" of the speaker, you would need to analyze the speaker's expressed opinions, attitudes, and beliefs regarding a particular topic or situation. The viewpoint is essentially the perspective or stance that the speaker holds on the matter being discussed.

How to understand Viewpoints?

Comprehending viewpoints in a reading passage involves understanding the different perspectives or opinions presented by various individuals or sources. Here are some tips to enhance your reading comprehension of viewpoints:

  1. Identify Key Players:
    • Recognize the main individuals, authors, or sources expressing different viewpoints. Understand their background and context to better interpret their opinions.
  2. Recognize Signal Words:
    • Pay attention to signal words or phrases that indicate a change in perspective. Words like "however," "on the other hand," or "contrary to" can signal shifts in viewpoints.
  3. Understand the Context: