CELPIP Speaking Task 1 - Movie Night Suggestion

Provide suggestions to your friend who is planning to rent a movie for tonight. Offer advice on which movie to choose and explain why it is a good pick.

This task has 3 responses.

How to make the best use of this learning material? (Read carefully)

How is the CELPIP speaking response evaluated?

CELPIP speaking responses are mainly assessed based on Content/Coherence, which means the number of quality ideas, its organization, and supporting details. Along with a wide range of vocabulary, strong grammar, and varied sentence structures.

How these responses can help?

Each response (of CLB 10) covers many unique quality ideas that are not easily found online. You will notice that the content is well-organized with different connectors, using a wide range of contextual vocabulary and grammar structures.

Make sure to learn all of the above from the responses and the reason for video-based content is to let you listen to the learning material on the go and as part of the practice, speak it out loud (speech shadowing)

Response 1:

Got any movie recommendations? Drop them in the comments! πŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸŽ¬

Response 2: