Answering Questions about "Experience" in Listening and Reading Comprehension (CELPIP)

In this blog, we will go through all the words that describe "Surprising/Unreal Experiences"

Surprising/Unreal Experiences:

  1. Surreal: Having an otherworldly or dreamlike quality, difficult to believe or comprehend.
  2. Unbelievable: Astonishing and difficult to accept or comprehend as true.
  3. Astonishing: Amazing and bewildering, causing great surprise or shock.
  4. Otherworldly: Beyond the ordinary or natural world, often with a sense of magic or mystery.
  5. Supernatural: Pertaining to phenomena beyond the realm of nature, often associated with the mystical.
  6. Extraordinary: Exceptional and remarkable, going beyond what is typical or usual.
  7. Peculiar: Unusual and distinctive, often in a curious or odd manner.
  8. Unusual: Not common or typical, deviating from the expected or ordinary.