Connectors in English

Use these connectors in your writing, speaking for coherency. Also, use it as marker to improve reading and listening comprehension.

For instance,

Looking ahead,

Once again,

By doing so,





After careful consideration,

In light of this,


In conclusion,

May I suggest that ...

In the beginning,

At first,

In the first place,


... , but to our surprise, ...

Ultimately, in the end,

In contrast,

Once again,

In terms of the [_____ requirements],

To provide you with some context,

In order to address this issue,

To address this issue,

To rectify the situation,

To address these [concerns],

In the meantime,

If I may [explain myself],

At the moment,

... , and I must say, ...

Despite ...

While ... , ...

If ....

.... not only, .... but also

Given the inconvenience caused by the ...