Answering Questions about "Experience" in Listening and Reading Comprehension (CELPIP)

In this blog, we will go through all the words that describe "Challenging Experiences"

Challenging Experiences:

  1. Arduous: Involving strenuous effort and requiring endurance, often difficult and demanding.
  2. Trying: Testing one's patience, endurance, or resilience, often challenging.
  3. Demanding: Requiring a great deal of effort, skill, or attention.
  4. Tough: Physically or mentally challenging, difficult to endure or accomplish.
  5. Straining: Putting stress or pressure on one's abilities or resources.
  6. Formidable: Inspiring fear or respect due to difficulty or impressive nature.
  7. Taxing: Physically or mentally demanding, requiring a significant expenditure of energy.
  8. Grueling: Extremely demanding and exhausting, often requiring intense effort.
  9. Strenuous: Requiring physical or mental exertion, often vigorous or challenging.