How to Make Money From Writing/Blogging on Medium

Are you an avid Medium writer from India(and other unsupported countries on Stripe)? But not earning even a penny from all your hard work? 😢😢😢
Below steps will help you to join Medium Partner Program from different countries!

Open a business bank account

First of all, you need to start your overseas account. Payoneer is a financial services company that provides global online money transfers, digital payment services, etc.

If you create the account through this link, both of us will be rewarded $25 once you have earned at least $1,000.
Payoneer Referral
Payoneer Referral

Join the Medium Partner Program

Setup Stripe account and add virtual bank details from Payoneer

Add your tax information

You are now eligible to earn money from Medium through your Writing. Happy writing ✍️

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Once you join the Medium Partner Program, set up a Stripe account to receive payment. A few questions you might have in your mind are,

How can I make my old story eligible to be part of the metered paywall?
Can I still earn money from my old stories?

Once you are eligible to receive payment through the Medium metered paywall, you have to manually change the settings to make your old stories.

Step 1: From the story editor, open the “…” menu, and click on edit story.

Step 2: Click “…” the menu again and select the distribution setting option.

Step 3: Check the box — your story will become part of the metered paywall.

Yay! Now chill and watch your bank account fill with 💲💲💲

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